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Turning personal work into commissioned assignments. Mothers to Modibodi - case study.

About 2 years ago, I started a social art project titled MOTHERS. It is ongoing and allows me to connect with mothers in all sorts of situations, documenting their journey in an honest cinematic reportage sort of way.

I started this project so that my wife could become more comfortable around mothers and the topic of having children when starting our own family. This personal project grew and has taken on its own life. Mid last year it struck a chord with a special Australian brand that focussed on women and their experiences around period time.

Modibodi wanted honest, gritty visuals that represented every woman and celebrated their female form - empowering every woman and girl the world over. Giving them confidence that even when they have their period their life doesn't need to stop. They are a company that was founded by an Aussie mum with womens issues in mind. I have been shooting for them ever since. The stories I tell for the brand are steeped in body positivity, seizing the moment and taking control of your own journey in womanhood.

This is an example where brands that have a strong female voice find you. Based on the tone you can create in your personal work which can then carry them forward with a particular style that speaks to women without talking at them. Period undies are just one step closer to no limits and women taking control of something that shouldn't be a set back.

I love working with Modibodi and the fantastic women involved. From the art directors, producers, designers and models. Women should be celebrated, mothers should be held in the highest esteem and girls should be taught that nothing and no one should ever hold them back from becoming the person they want to be.

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